I started collecting in the late 1970's and started with Redbook #3. I remember my first good find was a The Best jar, which takes a wooden wedge. Then I went to Monterey for a bottle show and met Frank Peters. He was doing an educational talk on fruit jars, and from that day on I was hooked.  By the way I was able to compete The Best jar with original clamp, thank you Randy!

I like lots of different jars and like rare pints and jars with unusual closure or colors. I have some Mason 1858's, Flaccus jars and jars with unusual closures.  Collecting has been a lot of fun for me and have met some great people in the hobby. If you have a question about a jar you have you can email me at ikeda.jerry@gmail.com or click on the "contact" link on the page.

If you click on the images below you will get a larger version of the picture and some descriptive information on the jar. Enjoy my website and be sure to leave a comment for me.  I am interested in obtaining California jars. Looking for an A. P. Brayton and California jar.  I am also looking for  a J.C Baker's Patent Aug 14, 1860 jar without closure.  If you are interested in selling one of these would appreciate an email from you.

Closures that I need are a band and lid for A.E. Bray jar, metal closue for Collins & Chapman jar. If you have good closures for sale email me and let me know what you have. Well enjoy my site, it was fun putting it together.  A special thanks to Chris Casey for building the site and Allison Ikeda for taking the pictures.

You can reach by email at "Ikeda.jerry@gmail.com".  Enjoy my site.

Jerry Ikeda